Strength of IKIYA 〜 粋やのこだわり vol.1


As a general preparation for grand opening, I should arrange various items that suit on the concept "Life of Japan Quality", but as I mentioned on news, I gave birth on May 27th. Now I am lack of asleep due to take care of baby... zzzZZZ

For that reason and also there is another reason that I have strong desire to introduce products one by one carefully, I would like to start selling from Mizuhiki accessories I make for the opening of KIYA online shop.




< New ideas and pursuit of Mizuhiki accessories >

There is nothing more than a way to wear Mizuhiki with great history (blog:PAPER STRING ART) as accessories comfortably and safely for you.

さてPAPER STRING ART ~ Mizuhiki 水引でもご紹介したように、水引には「人を結ぶ」という素敵な歴史がありますが、それをアクセサリーとして皆さまに使っていただく際、いかに安全に心地よく使っていただけるかを追求し工夫を重ねてきました。


○ Special knotting method / 特別な結び方

We usually tie up with a wire when we make a plum shape like above photo. But I don't use a wire for it. It's just because Mizuhiki touches your skin and I think the wireless connection is worth to value beautiful appearance as safe as possible! When it is necessary to wire, I devise not to touch the skin directly.


○ High quality water-resistant MIzuhiki / 水に強い高品質の水引素材

Without exception, the quality and price of Mizuhiki have a wide range. I carefully select quality one and water-resistant one. 


○ Selected adhesive glue / 選び抜かれた接着剤

To be honest, I had a hard time choosing good glue. I tried many kind of glues that people recommend or I think that might be good etc. Unfortunately most of them couldn't convince me after all. But finally I managed to get 3 types of good adhesive to be able to finish more beautifully and hard to remove.


○ Put accessories in a box/a bag for safekeeping / 大切に保管できる箱または巾着にお入れてお届け

The material is very supple and delicate, although it is strong bond and knot with high quality Mizuhiki. I adopt a style to deliver it in a box instead of simple packaging so that it can be kept without damage.




Our Items range widely from traditional crafts to house ware and handmade Japanese jewelry, Mizuhiki. 『人を結ぶ、想いを結ぶ、粋な暮らし』〜 水引アクセサリー・日本製和雑貨・北海道米の専門店。


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