IKIYA is a speciality store of "LIFE OF JAPAN QUALITY". IKI means 'chic' or fashionable yet classic, -YA means shop or store.
IKIYA finds the treasures of Japanese handy craft, centuries old traditions interwoven into artifacts used in our daily lives. Quality yet not tagged with prices some fear attached to Japanese art.

Items range widely from Japanese traditional crafts to house ware, stationery, handy goods and paper string art (Mizuhiki) etc. Guaranteed you will encounter great products of Japan quality & good price to incorporate in your daily life.

We carefully select products that are culturally and socially sustainable. We want you to know the story behind the products and the people who make them. We aim to be a center of information of crafts and techniques used in Japanese handicraft, it’s culture and producers. We would like you to feel the chic of Japan!